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Our Pies have won a number of awards over the years Including a Gold Medal for our Chilli Beef pie at Australia's Best Pie Competition.  


BBQ Beef Brisket 

Slow cooked for 12 hours our BBQ Beef brisket pie is in a sweet BBQ sauce with loads of meat and topped with cheese

Pan Fried Bacon, Caramalised Onion & Cheese (49 out of 50 Pynes Pie Reviews!)

Half chunky and half mince in a rich gravy topped with rashes of pan fried short cut bacon, caramelised red onion and cheese.

Cheeseburger Pie

Half chunky and half mince in a rich gravy topped with diced onions, tomato sauce, American mustard and pickles. Taste just like a cheeseburger

Cheesey Chicken Chorizo Carbonara 

Chunky chicken and chorizo in a creamy carbonara sauce topped with mozzarella.

O.G Pies


Succulent vegetables in a creamy sauce

Mushy Pea Pie

Mushy Peas inside a plain steak pie

Steak Cheese & Bacon

Steak and Cheese

Satay Chicken

(Voted top 10 in South East QLD by Courier Mail)

Curry Steak

Mini Pie

Pepper Steak

Steak & Mushroom

Plain Steak - 

Half chunky steak half mince in a rich gravy

Steak Cheese Tomato & Onion

Chicken & Vegetable

In a creamy sauce

Potato topped pie

Chilli Beef- (Gold Medal at Australia's Best Pie Competition)

Not for the faint of heart

Ned Kelly Pie

Steak pie topped with a creamy egg mixture and bacon and cheese


Sausage Rolls

Ham & Cheese Croissants

Smokey Dog

American Frankfurt wrapped in pastry with tomato paste, bacon, onion and cheese

Kransky Puff 

Cheese Kransky with chutney wrapped in short cut bacon and pastry


Vegetarian or bacon and cheese

Pasties - 

Spinach & Fetta,

Cauliflower Broccoli & Cheese Triangles  

Meat and Vegetable Pasties

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