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20th June 2017 - Received 8 Medals at the Baking Industry Trade Show Australia's Best Pie Competition


16th November 2016 - Voted best Bakery on the Sunshine Coast by Sunshine Coast Daily

"THE Sunshine Coast is definitely passionate about pies and pastries.

More than 250 votes were cast for the Sunshine Coast's favourite bakery. "Awesome food, great service and family run to perfection. Their pumpkin bread is the best thing ever made.""

Pacific Haven Bakery entered 8 pies and received 8 Medals for our entries in the 2017 Australia's Best Pie Competition.  It was our 2nd competition and we were thrilled with the results competing at a national level. A list of our winning pies are below;
Silver                             Bronze               
Chilli Beef                       Plain Steak
Chicken Parma                Chicken & Vegetable
Ned Kelly                       Steak & Mushroom
Steak & Potato
Steak and Pepper Pie



September 2016 - Great Australian Pie Competition in conjunction with Fine Foods Australia Results
Pacific Haven Bakery received 9 Medals for our entries in the 2016 Great Australian Pie Competition.  It was our first competition and we were thrilled with the results competing at a national level. You can now find us on The Great Australian Pie App. A list of our winning pies are below;
Plain Sausageroll
Steak and Pepper Pie
Steak and Mushroom Pie
Plain Pie
Chicken & Vegetable Pie
Steak Cheese Tomato & Onion Pie
Ned Kelly Pie
Steak & Potato Pie
Chilli Beef Pie
Competition Medal
Competition Medal
Competition Medal
August 11th 2016 Sunshine Coast Daily - Voted one of Seventeen favorite small businesses

"Pacific Haven Bakery provides Currimundi residents with a fresh range of traditional and gourmet breads and cakes every day. On top of that it's also rumoured they do great coffee and you have to check out their amazing looking milkshakes as well"

January 26th 2016 Courrier Mail - Voted top 10 Pies in South East Queensland

"The team at this small, local bakery had just the right amount of imagination and restraint when they created this mix of fine chicken pieces in a thick, peanut sauce inspired by Thailand. Its creamy, rich filling enclosed in a perfectly laminated dough crust will satisfy your cravings for both a pie and Thai takeaway in one hot mouthful. If you’re a purist though, you can’t go past this bakery’s classic steak pie."


8th August 2015 Sunshine Coast Daily -  Voted top 10 Pies on the Sunshine Coast


"A scroll through the Pacific Haven Bakery Facebook page reveals a bakery with heart and a great range of not just pies, but cakes, tarts, fresh baked breads, salads and family-sized quiches." 

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