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All our bread products are made fresh daily. We do not use animal fats in the production process so it is also vegan.


All our bread products are baked fresh daily by our skilled team of bakers. Our bread is also vegan as we use vegetable fats not animal.

Sandwich Loaf

Square loaf great for sandwiches toast and every day use. Available in white, wholemeal and multigrain.

Café Loaf

Slightly larger than the sandwich loaf, this is great for you to take home and cut big thick chunks of café style toast. Available in white, wholemeal and multigrain.


Shaped like a "B" this loaf is carefully cut and hand molded by our bakers to give a crunchy crust and soft fluffy center. Available in white, wholemeal and multigrain.

Mini Hightop

Smaller version of the high top available in white, wholemeal and grain.

Country Split

A long white loaf split down the center. Great for smaller sandwiches.

Pumpkin Loaf

A customer favourite, try it with smashed avocado and a little bit of chilli and lime juice!

Herb Cheese & Garlic Loaf

Using real herbs cheese and garlic this loaf is great for soups, pastas or just toasted with loads of butter! 

Currimundi Loaf

Wholemeal base with grain throughout and rolled in oats. This is the ultimate bread for the health conscious it is Low-GI so helps you feel fuller for longer

Pasta Dura

Italian style artisan loaf made with semolina. Great for dips and bruschetta.

Vienna Loaf

Oval loaf hand molded so it is crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. Available in white, wholemeal and multi grain and white tiger. Great for soup, pasta or home made garlic bread.

Cob Loaf

Molded by hand these crunchy loaves are perfect for parties. Hollow them out and make a bowl to serve your salads or dips in. 

Rye Sour Dough w Sunflower seeds

Our sour dough is made form a real long ferment culture. It is a rye meal sour with sunflower seeds throughout giving it a beautiful nutty taste. Great with anything!

Light Rye

Made from Rye flour it has a slight sour taste and is great thick cut with eggs Benedict or just peanut butter on toast. 

White Sourdough

Our sourdough is made from a real culture and baked fresh each day.

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