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All our pastries are made 100% from scratch instore, including our croissants which are hand rolled and baked fresh daily.

Plain Croissant

Crusty on the outside and buttery and fluffy on the inside.

Chocolate Croissant

Classic Chocolate Croissant drizzled with ganache and dusted with icing sugar perfect with a coffee!

Almond Croissants

Our favorite twice baked croissant with sweet almond filling and glaze. Topped with almonds and dusted with icing sugar. 

Sweet Danishes 

Danish pastry filled with custard and seasonal fruits.


Made from a croissant pastry shaped and fried like a donut and filled with fillings like Custard, Cream, Nutella or Salted Caramel



Made with a croissant pastry and rolled and baked in the shape of a muffin filled with fillings like Nutella or Salted Caramel and rolled in sugar. 

Kouign Amann

Made with a croissant pastry we fill theses muffin shaped pastries with toffee and custard. The bottom is caramelized with sugar and glazed with honey mixture topped with almonds.  

OG Iced Donuts

Ring donuts with fondant and dipped in sprinkles.

Jam Donuts

Filled with heaps of jam and rolled in cinnamon sugar.

Deluxe Filled Donuts

Ball donuts rolled in cinnamon sugar and piped full of; Nutella, Salted Caramel or Custard.

Fresh Cream Donuts

Long donuts filled with fresh cream and jam dusted with icing sugar.

OTT Iced Donuts

Ring donuts dipped in ganache and topped with a variety of crushed toppings like m&m's, Oreos, crunchie, marshmallows. Flavors change regularly. 


Fluffy and soft just like grandma used to make. Available in plain, sultana and date (and full of fruit too!)

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